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Hello everyone I will show you how to build Xreces-in Windows 10 platform. I will use Mingw-w64 builds as a development toolchain but there are many other ways to achieve it like Cygwin, MSYS, etc.

It is highly advised to check my post Mingw & CMake installation in Windows you cannot proceed without them.


  • Installing Mingw-w64
  • Installing CMake

Building Xerces-c

  • Download xerces-c source package  —> Link
  • Extract it and create a folder named build next to it.
  • Open a command prompt go to your build folder and type;
  • cmake-gui.exe ..\xerces-c-3.2.3\xerces-c-3.2.3\

  • Note that path can be change according to version or something else it the folder contains CMakeLists.txt
  • It should open a CMake-gui window press configure couple times.
  • Now you should have something like this;
  • Note That I changed the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to “C:/Dev/xersec-c” you can change it to where ever you want.
  • I don’t know what is this entries ICU_*  so I did not configure them.
  • After you make your configurations press configure and generate and close the CMake-gui window.
  • Open a command prompt again and go to your build folder and type;
  • mingw32-make.exe

  • This will start building note that t can take some time.
  • After everything is done type;
  • mingw32-make.exe install

  • This will install the binaries to the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX

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