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Hello everyone I will show you how to install Mingw-w64 and CMake in Windows 10 platform. I will use Mingw-w64 builds  but there are many other ways to achieve it like Cygwin, MSYS, etc.

  • Installing Mingw-w64
  • Installing CMake

Installing Mingw-w64

  • Download Mingw-w64 builds installer  ==>  Link
  • Open the installer and change the architecture to “x86_64” and exception to “seh”;
  • Then chosse where you wanna install and click next to install.
    Note: I created a folder named “Dev” in right under “C:\” it is advised to don’t install this kind stuff to paths contains whitespaces like “program files”.
  • When installation finished click on the Windows Start Menu and type “Run” and click the respective App.
  • Then type “sysdm.cpl” and click OK.
  • Switch to the Advanced Tab and click Environment Variables .
  • Now select “Path” from system variables (Don’t select it from user variables!!) and click edit.

Now Click new and add your Mingw installation’s “bin” folder to list.
Note: Click OK in every window popped up if you close them any other way variable wont be added

  • Now for just testing open a command prompt and type “gcc” if it says;

    gcc: fatal error: no input files

    everything works fine.

Installing CMake

  • Download CMake installer ==> Link
  • Run the installer and select “Add CMake to the system PATH for all users” option.
  • For testing open a command prompt and type “‘cmake-gui.exe” if it opens a cmake gui window it installed successfully.

Done !!

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