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Hi everyone I am gonna show you to build CLHEP in Windows platform using Mingw-w64.



  • The official Release of CLHEP does not work but I created my own patch for that.
  • You can download from there : link
  • After download extract it and create a folder named build next to it.
  • Open a command prompt, go to your build folder and type;
  • cmake-gui.exe ..\CLHEP-MINGW-0.1\

  • This will open an CMake-gui window, press configure couple times.
  • Now you should have something like this;
  • I changed CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to “C:\Dev\CLHEP” you can change it to wherever you want.
  • After you sure about your configurations pres configure couple times and and generate.
  • Close the CMake-Gui window and open a command prompt again and go to your build folder. Now type;
  • mingw32-make.exe

  • This will build CLHEP after everything is done type to your command prompt;
  • mingw32-make.exe install

  • This will copy files to the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.

Configure your System for CLHEP

Now we have to add CLHEP binaries to our system’s Path variable

  • Open a command prompt and type;
  • sysdm.cpl

  • That should open a System Properties window from Advanced tab click Environment Variables.
  • After that select Path from System Variables (Table in bottom) and click Edit;
  • After that click new and browse and add your CLHEP installation’s bin folder (mine is C:\Dev\CLHEP\bin)
  • Now close the every window by clicking okey (don’t close with X at top tight otherwise it doesn’t save lol :)).
  • You installed CLHEP successfully congratulations

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